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Sunday evening, it is 17:45 when I tell my children that we will be leaving for church in 10 minutes. We have to leave a little earlier as we have to pick up Shumeer. He is coming with us to church. While we are getting into the car, Noraly already finds her seat in the far back of the car, as it makes it easier for Shumeer to get in. There is no stress, no grumpiness, nothing! It is all running smooth for a change. While we are on our way to church we talk about school and the sleepover the girls had the night before. When we are almost there, Noraly reminds me of something. ” Mom, weren’t you supposed to pick up Shumeer?” A not so appropriate comment escapes from my lips. How could I have forgotten that?! Luckily, we are at a place where we can easily turn the car and drive the 10 minutes back to Shumeer’s house. He only lives 2 minutes from our house. While we are driving back, Boaz makes his best observation until now. ‘mom I don’t want to say you are dumb, but the roads in your brain are not going into the right direction.’ All I can do is laugh and agree with him. The roads in my brain temporarily lost their sense of direction. You could argue this is  more of a permanent state of being for me. I often to forget and seem a little confused sometimes. Making an extra trip is not unknown to me. But Sunday night was a spontaneous detour! The fact that I also forgot to bring the cake is part of the permanent roadworks going on in my brain. Forgetting Shumeer was not part of that!

Can we make a spiritual lesson out of this? Probably! Is it necessary? Most likely. We are on our way to God, but often enough we miss a turn and need to take a detour to get back on track. But, do we not also often forget to give a ride to people and take them on the road to God too? Shumeer learned to wait as he grew up in a ‘timeless’ culture. Many people are not as patient as he is waiting for a ride. They will turn their back to the road to God. If we do not pick up these people and give them a ride, we missed the turn to ‘salvation lane’

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